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aside from precious doggies….horses and cows are my other obsession.  i just love them.  if you only knew how many times i’ve photographed cows in my lifetime!  believe it or not, they’ve made it onto my holiday card more than once.

maybe that’s why i love the rodeo so much.  the horses, the cows, the cowboys…it’s too much of a good thing.  my husband  has a good friend who rides.  in fact, his whole family rides.  besides being a family of calf ropers, they are some of the NICEST people we’ve met since moving to NC.  we are always excited to join them on a Saturday night for some rodeo action, to show our support and cheer the boys on.






This last one…pure sweetness.

the belly

August 10, 2009


this morning, i’m feeling poised to share a different side of myself, a little personal work to jump start the day!

looking back on my trip to Phoenix, it seems like years have gone by…and in reality it’s only been about a month.  i still can’t seem to wrap my head around that fact…so much has gone on and changed in the last few weeks.  i’m so glad the timing of my trip worked out perfectly, allowing Merrily and I some girl-time to take “belly pictures” before the arrival of Miss Abigail.   Merr was such a trooper, battling 110+ degrees and being 8 1/2 months pregnant!! what can i say, she’s simply stunning.



We were lucky enough to sneak in a few minutes at her yoga studio…which was filled with incredible light and the most peaceful energy, beautiful beyond words.  Then we made a mad dash for the A/C at home, where we were treated to the prettiest afternoon sunlight filtering in through the nursery window.



These were taken a mere 48 hours before the birth of baby Abbie.  and everytime i look at them, i can still feel the anticipation and the love between these amazing parents-to-be.