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March 26, 2009


talk about being completely irresistible…owen is quite possibly the cutest little guy i’ve met this year.  at a mere 7 weeks old, he is teeny-tiny and super sweet.  my favorite thing about puppies has to be the official puppy waddle.  somewhat sideways… and a bit off balance.

you know the one.  a little clumsy and a lot adorable. i love that part.

my boy

March 13, 2009


a while back, i made a promise to Casey Joe.  i wouldn’t take any pictures of his chin, nothing that would make him self-conscious. after all, cancer is a terrible thing.  and he has been so brave.

my boy, he is beautiful.  from the tip of his tail to the sparkle in his big brown eyes.  beautiful, always.

introducing: the walls

March 12, 2009


here is an in-depth look at one of projects i’ve been working on.  the walls.

i was about to burst.  seriously, the suspense has been killing me.  for those of you who know me (and even those who don’t yet)…i’m admittedly terrible at keeping secrets.

that’s why i’m so thrilled to have finally debuted my new line of art collections…especially, the walls.  you are going to love these!  they make designing displays for your walls, SUPER simple.  i just adore this layout…these pictures of Casey Joe in the wildflower field are some of my all time favorite shots of him.  it’s how i will always see him.

below are examples of the entire collection.  three unique and distinctively modern display options.


NEAT-O huh?.  sit tight.  i’ll be unveiling more “good stuff” in the next few weeks.   yup, a whole new way of doing things!

a marlee original

March 10, 2009


since launching my new art collections, i have been busy getting samples ready…the touchable kind.  i like to hold things and see them in real life.  it’s much better that way.  but since we are here in web-space for now, i thought it would be fun to share a Marlee original.  her very own 10 x 20 storyboard and a perfect example of the type of storyboard included in The Story Collection.

you see, over the weekend, we had “doggie spa day” at our house.  that means the works!  baths, toe nails and teeth brushing (odd, but for some reason all three of our dogs line up for this?).  afterwards, everybody found a sunny spot to dry.  and Marlee…she called dibs on the comfy wicker chair on the porch.

she’s just so shiny after her bath, pretty girl!!

a new look: the logo

March 5, 2009

logothings are definitely starting to look a whole lot different around here.  everywhere i turn, something new is popping up.  it must be spring!

my original logo was definitely making me restless.  it was cute-as-a-button, i agree…but still, i felt the need to re-evaluate my presence.  i have grown leaps and bounds from “that starting place” and i needed a logo that reflected my work more accurately.  something more true to my inner-self and the dogs i photograph.  more inherently artful and real.

based on the silhouette of Casey Joe, i celebrate both my roots and my future with this amazing new look.

a special thanks to the designers who made this whole evolution possible.  thank you.

small change

March 2, 2009


i happened to see this quote on Saturday and it seemed to perfectly sum-up how i’m feeling.  it was painted on some old barn wood and hung from a simple piece of wire.

“there’s no such thing as small change”

change is powerful…and every little bit definitely counts.  i’ve been making little changes behind the scenes for weeks now. and i’m so excited, it’s finally time to reveal a few of the projects i’ve been working on around here!  oh, and i can’t forget to thank my doggies.  why, they have certainly been doing their part to help….which usually means napping next to my desk in the studio.

at last.  a new look…and a new blog!

(don’t forget, you’ll want to update your bookmarks.)

it was only fitting to include a picture of Miss Abbie.  this picture was taken shortly after she came into our lives, just about a year ago.  she was really skinny and suffering from a few minor but potentially serious health problems.

again small change.

one snuggly warm bed + endless bowls yummy food + special treatment from the vet + lots of LOVE = one incredibly happy, healthy dog

it’s amazing how the little things really add up.