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ruffin’ it

May 22, 2010

“A rainy day is the perfect time for a walk in the woods.” ~Rachel Carson

i couldn’t agree more.  last weekend we loaded up and headed west to the mountains, to a rustic little cabin in the woods. sighhhhh.

it rained.  we relaxed.  and as you’ll see there was some excitement too.  yes, the dogs were thrilled to discover an actual chicken coup (with real chickens) just beside the cabin.  it was the highlight of the entire trip for the two of them, i’m sure.  so maybe the chickens and our morning hike at New River State Park.  that was good too.

and rain it did.  holy buckets.










Fargo Engagement

October 1, 2009

I am behind on blogging pictures from my recent trip to Fargo…where I was happy to work with my friend Katie Lewis.  You see, Katie and I attended The Hallmark Institute of Photography together a few years ago.  We haven’t had a chance to visit since, so the long weekend was a great opportunity for us to catch-up on all of the things we have been doing lately.

Not to mention, it was really FUN!  I wanted to share a few of my favorites from an engagement session we shot at Buffalo River State Park, just outside of Fargo.  No actual buffalo here, just a young beautiful couple in love, but trust me…more to come on the subject of buffalo soon.


wild ride

July 24, 2009


i’m officially back in the studio this week after an incredible two week adventure.  it was one wild ride, let me tell ya.

my trip was packed full of unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime moments.  memories i will treasure forever.

to kick-start the blog again, i decided to share a single shot i took one night during a famous Phoenix desert monsoon storm.  i think it superbly captured the electricity and excitement surrounding the entire trip, the moving magic of the universe and the wild part of the desert i miss most.    it was certainly one of the things that “struck” me.

(not to mention, we had an entire night of incredible lightning here in NC last night…so i guess it’s still really fresh).

What I miss most…

May 13, 2009


some days are better than others, but today, I really miss him.  learning to “be” without him has been really hard.  it’s not like i didn’t try to prepare myself either.  you just can’t ever really do that.  if i had it my way…dogs would live to be 100.

but every day he sends me gifts.  little reminders of him and our special time together.  he knows and i know …that someday, our paths will cross again.

A few of the things i miss most about him…

*his paws.  sometimes they were dry and scratchy but they always had this little hint of white fur between his pads….and they smelled like popcorn.  we used to say all the time, he had popcorn feet.

*the way he always knew when it was 4:45.  Not 5:00, that was his actual dinner time…but a few minutes before.  he was ready and let me know it with a simple “woof”.  every afternoon, he would find his spot on the kitchen mat and wait…not so patiently.

*how he never let a closed door stop him.  he barged in everywhere and i came to expect it.  his little nose nudging open the door to follow right behind me, he loved to be where I was.

*his wild barking at the garbage man was crazy.  he truly thought that truck was up-to- no-good.  how dare it invade his street.  although his loudness was a bit much, i miss it.

*his “bonk”, that bump on his head…about the size of a peanut, right between his ears.  we always said it was where he stored all of his brain power.  and he was a very smart boy.

*the way he had to ride in my lap in the car.  yes, he was way too big for that, but it never mattered to us.  for five minutes or five hours…he had to be in my lap, head resting on the edge of the window, just enough to see out.  there was always enough room for the two of us.

*how he couldn’t wait to ride in the little boat.  once upon a while, Casey Joe lived the life of a sailor dog and he loved three things most about being a sailor dog:  watching for fish, naps on the docks and rides in the little boat.  it was just a small rubber inflatable boat, but it was his passport to adventure.  i can still see him in his lifejacket, with his little brown ears flapping in the wind.

*naps.  Casey Joe was a big fan of naps and it was kind of our thing to do on lazy Sunday afternoons.  sometimes he would race me into our room, just to grab a spot in the pillows. i miss his upside down sleeping…the freckles on this belly and listening to him make sleepy sounds.

*his spirit.  his middle name should have be “GO” because Casey Joe never missed an opportunity to get out there.  he never hesitated to jump in the car, even though he didn’t know where we were going.  he never second-guessed himself or got cold feet.  he just went, whole-heartedly, with the biggest smile.

*Casey Joe had an incredible memory.  i know they say dog’s don’t remember, but i’m pretty sure he did.  he knew the turns in the road on our way to my grammy’s to swim; he knew exactly where to look for the chickens and the lizards…simply because he saw one in that exact spot a year ago; he knew to lay under the table on Spaghetti night because once his Pops dropped a noodle (or two); he knew that when we went to the airport…someone special was coming to visit; he knew us.

*that twinkle in his eye.  the one that said “just try me” or “wanna bet?”.  he was always quick enough to dart away at the last minute and rarely good about bringing his ball back.  his favorite part about “keep away” was the keeping away.


Something a little different

November 14, 2008

This last month has been a whirlwind and it’s also been fantastic!  So I guess that makes it a fantastic whirlwind.  Along the way, I have met some amazing new clients.  And of course, the friendliest, most lovable dogs ever!

During a quick break, I flew to Arizona to visit with my family for a couple of days.  While I was visiting, we found some time to sneak in a few fun family portraits of my cousins.  For a little something different today, I thought I would share a couple of my early favorites.

I love this one of the girls all together…it’s all about the attitude.  Work it Rea!  She’s really 4 going on 25!


And I can’t get enough of this one either.  She’s showing me how to blow a bubble-gum bubble.  Kiddo, you’re welcome to come visit anytime (hint, hint…mom & dad).


Race Weekend in NJ

September 2, 2008

I just got back into the studio this morning after an exciting weekend of racing in NJ.  I had gone to visit my brother and see him in action (he manages one of the Ferrari 430 Challenge teams based out of Scottsdale, AZ).  It was incredible to see in person…the energy, the hard work and the adrenaline.

The most powerful part of the weekend was watching one of his team’s drivers, Pablo Perez, finish first.  It was Pablo’s first race back…after a serious accident nearly 18 months ago.  Pablo is a true inspiration.

Congratulations to Pablo, Zack and the entire team on an amazing season!   Way to go JT.

It was definitely fun to photograph the team this weekend…

Georgia on my mind

August 11, 2008

Good friends + the open road = good times

There is nothing like a girls’ weekend getaway to renew my spirits and energize my creativity.  We packed our bags (and our cameras) and hit the road in search of a little adventure…and some good quality time with each other.  It was fabulous.

It may have been the electricity from the thunderstorm that swept into town or the sound of the screen door as it closed hard in the stillness, but I knew instantly that Georgia was very much alive.  As we soon discovered, the coast is in fact a web of history, wild places and really big critters.  I have to thank the lovely Miss Kelly for an awesome weekend!

Until next time…


July 21, 2008

Things have been quite busy at the studio this month and I must say…very exciting.  I have some very special new equipment on the way and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!  It’s like Christmas in July.  It’s a good thing Casey Joe and Abbie have supersonic hearing…they will alert me to the delivery truck long before it pulls into the driveway.  How do they always know UPS is within a 5 mile radius of our house?

In honor of summertime and my super sweet cousin Rea, I wanted to share some pictures from her trip to visit last summer.  This one definitely tops my list of personal favorites.  I sure miss her when we are apart and I can’t wait to see her on my trip to Phoenix…only 102 days to go.  Seems like forever or is that just the temperature in Phoenix today?